Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap


Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap


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Summer is upon us! Cycling in the hot weather feels great but the UV rays put you at risk of many health issues.


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Cycle safely by wearing the Sunscreen Cycling Cap! It is an anti-ultraviolet protective gear that can keep you safe under the burning sun while providing shade around your eyes to help you see clearly. This Cycling Cap is stretchy, breathable, and lightweight to let you wear under your cycling/motorcycle/ski helmet comfortably.


Ride wildly but safely! Get the Sunscreen Cycling Cap now.

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Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap UV 400, anti-ultraviolet cycling cap that can actually block sun rays and protect your head.

Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap Stretchy design that maintains its shape even after pulling it over your head multiple times.


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Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap Breathable cap with very good ventilation effect to effectively block UV rays, dust, and sweat.

Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap Provides shade around the eyes to protect them from the sunlight for a safer ride.


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Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap Lightweight & ergonomic design to wear under the cycling/motorcycle/ski helmet comfortably.

Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap A must-have head protective gear for all cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts in general.


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Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap Specifications :

Material: Sunscreen ice silk fabric
Color: Black/Grey
Size: One size
Weight: About 43g

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Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap Package List :

1* Cycling cap


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Summer Sunscreen Cycling Cap

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