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Spy Camera Buster


Spy Camera Buster


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If you suspect that you’re being watched, whether in a professional or a personal environment, finding the device that’s spying on you should be a priority.


Spy Camera Buster


The Spy Camera Buster detects and exposes hidden cameras wherever you are, indoors or outdoors. The Buster’s alarm alerts you when there is a camera spying & alerts during emergencies while the powerful flashlight blurs the vision of the spy, protecting your privacy at all times.


Stay alert & protect your privacy!

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Spy Camera Buster Infrared detection that exposes any hidden cameras (pinhole cameras, etc) in hotel rooms, changing rooms, ubers, etc., to travel safely or have proof in case of robbery.

Spy Camera Buster Strong flashlight that does not only serve as a warning but also blinds the spy and their camera!

Spy Camera Buster High-decibel buzzing alarm sound that alerts others when a creep is trying to harm you.


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Spy Camera Buster One-click alert during emergency; just long-press for 2.5 seconds to trigger the beep and flash mode.

Spy Camera Buster Multi-purpose; you can use it as a door alarm that produces a piercing sound when an intruder tries to enter your house, hotel room, etc.

Spy Camera Buster Type C rechargeable so you can use it anywhere.


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Spy Camera Buster No delays; Double Arc strong power that triggers the device on time, making it reliable.

Spy Camera Buster Flexible design with 3000N bending resistance, 2M anti-drop & 1000N Tensile, that makes it durable and long-lasting.

Spy Camera Buster Portable handle strap making it easy to hang on your bag or door.


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Spy Camera Buster Specifications :

Color: As shown in images

Max Speed: Infrared Detector


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Spy Camera Buster Package list :

1* Spy Camera Buster


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Spy Camera Buster

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