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Rechargeable Dive Flashlight


Rechargeable Dive Flashlight


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Scuba diving flashlights are essential gear when exploring underwater caves and reefs. However, they’re usually heavy, unreliable, or expensive to buy in stores.




The Rechargeable Brightest Dive Flashlight is lightweight, portable, and super bright so you can clearly see and enjoy your underwater surroundings. It’s USB-rechargeable, extremely durable, and with an adjustable glare to match your need.


Order your professional diving light (limited stock)!

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Rechargeable Dive Flashlight 8,000 lumens providing very bright light to aid you underwater even 100m deep.

Rechargeable Dive Flashlight Waterproof and USB rechargeable to take with you on all your scuba adventures, and count on it.


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Rechargeable Dive Flashlight Anti-pressure and anti-impact making it hard to break.

Rechargeable Dive Flashlight Three lighting modes and easy operation underwater.


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Rechargeable Dive Flashlight Specifications :

Material: Plastic

Size: 15.3 * 5 * 3.5CM

Switch mode: 3 lighting modes: 50%-70%-100%

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Rechargeable Dive Flashlight Package List :

1* Rechargeable Brightest Dive Flashlight


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Rechargeable Dive Flashlight

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