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Morph Ball Frisbee


Morph Ball Frisbee


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Are you looking for a toy for your kids or for your whole family to enjoy together? Try the Morph Ball Frisbee!



This is a unique toy that transforms from a flying disc to a fun ball when thrown, adding a twist to the classic outdoor game of catch! It’s made of eco-friendly, soft, and flexible material and is equipped with LED light so you can play even at night.


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Morph Ball Frisbee Fun outdoor ball and disc combo to enjoy playing at the beach, garden, school, and bond with friends and family.

Morph Ball Frisbee Easy to use: Just squeeze down on the ball to set the time delay, then throw it as a disc. The disc will pop back into a ball at random!


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Morph Ball Frisbee Soft rubber material that won’t hurt your kids and is not easy to damage either.

Morph Ball Frisbee Colorful with LED lights to enjoy games at night.


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Morph Ball Frisbee Specifications :

Material: Plastic/rubber

Product color: Red/Blue/Green/Rose Red

Light color: Green/Yellow/Red

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Morph Ball Frisbee Package List :

1* Morph Ball Frisbee!


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Morph Ball Frisbee

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