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When you are traveling, camping, and living the life of your dreams, you can get caught up in the moment till you suddenly look at the mirror and get scared by your own hair. Because as we know, hair needs constant care and maintaining, but that’s fixable…


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Meet our Mini Hair Trimming Comb, a compact hairdressing tool that is not only a comb, but also a trimmer with hidden razor blades. In minutes, you can make your hair look flawless and remove any extra hair from your face or neck safely. The Hair Trimming Comb is durable, adjustable, and lightweight, so don’t shy away from taking it with you everywhere!


With The Mini Hair Trimming Comb, it’s a guarantee you will always look your best!

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Mini Hair Trimming Comb 2 in 1 hair comb that allows you to comb and trim manually whenever you need to.

Mini Hair Trimming Comb Adjustable knob to provide the length you need for your combing and trimming requirements.


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Mini Hair Trimming Comb Replaceable double blades head that is also easy to use and clean.

Mini Hair Trimming Comb Safe & ergonomic design to make sure you have a smooth and comfortable experience without hurting your scalp.


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Mini Hair Trimming Comb Durable & premium ABS/stainless steel material that is also comfortable to use and hold.

Mini Hair Trimming Comb Lightweight & compact making it easy to carry anywhere.

Mini Hair Trimming Comb Ideal for those who often travel to help them maintain their hair with ease.


Mini Hair Trimming Comb_0011_img_2_Multifunctional_Mini_Manual_Hair_Trimmer.jpg


Mini Hair Trimming Comb Specifications :

Type: Hair Trimmer Comb
Material: ABS & Stainless steel
Color: Red
Package Size: 20*9*2cm / 7.9*3.5*0.8in
Package Weight: 51g / 1.8oz


Mini Hair Trimming Comb_0010_Layer 1.jpg

Mini Hair Trimming Comb Package List :

1* Hair Trimming Comb


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Mini Hair Trimming Comb

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