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Knee Support Sleeve


Knee Support Sleeve


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All people that do regular sports already had to deal with knee pain for some reason, such as overtraining or injury. And a knee problem will affect more than just your sportive lifestyle. Will make it harder to go to work, shopping, play with your kids or even go out with your friends! But you’ll walk tall again easily with the Knee Support Sleeve.


Knee Support Sleeve


Made with high-quality spandex and nylon, the Knee Support Sleeve is perfect to give that extra comfort your knee needs all day. The velcro straps will provide ample adjustments and prevent the knee sleeve to fall while you’re walking or doing exercise.


Take a walk on the no pain side of life with the Knee Support Sleeve.

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Knee Support Sleeve High-quality fabric spandex & nylon, for easy adjustment and long durability.

Knee Support Sleeve Breathable & comfortable, the moisture-wicking material will keep your knees dry and odor-free.

Knee Support Sleeve Adjustable velcro straps, provide ample adjustments and prevent from bunching up or sliding down during activities.


360 Compression Knee Sleeve – JUSTCORE


Knee Support Sleeve Compression support enhances blood circulation, reduces pain & promotes recovery.

Knee Support Sleeve Confidence & improved mobility, with a 4-way strap design that will wrap your knee in support.


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Knee Support Sleeve Perfect for everyday use or during exercise.

Knee Support Sleeve Relieve knee pain & protect your joint


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Knee Support Sleeve Specifications :

Material: 32% Spandex / 68% Nylon

S: less than 14”
M: 14” to 16”,

L: 16” to 18”

XL: 18” to 20”

XXL: 20” to 22”

XXXL: 22” to 24”

Color: Green, Dark Grey


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Knee Support Sleeve Package list :

1* Knee Support Sleeve


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Knee Support Sleeve

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