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Heavy-duty Foldable Bike Lock


Heavy-duty Foldable Bike Lock


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Heavy doesn’t always mean heavy-duty or strong– we’re talking about the heavy bike lock you carry around in your backpack! We have a better alternative: this foldable heavy-duty bike lock folds into the size of a tennis ball and easily fits inside your pocket, and keeps your bike secure wherever you go. 




No need to lug around any heavy locks, order your compact, strong lock!

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🔸 The foldable bike lock is super lightweight and easy to carry around.

🔸 It can be folded up into the size of a tennis ball, so it’s really easy to store and transport.


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🔸 The lock is made of sturdy metal and can withstand any amount of force.

🔸 It’s a great solution for anyone who wants to keep their bike safe without having to lug around a big, bulky lock.


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Folded Size: 7.5*6.6*5.5cm

Material: zinc alloy + alloy steel +ABS plastic +PA6 plastic +59 copper


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1 x bike lock


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Heavy-duty Foldable Bike Lock

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