Fun Anti-glare Umbrella Phone Holder


Fun Anti-glare Umbrella Phone Holder


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The sun is shining, the beach is looking beautiful. You take out your phone to take a picture but can’t see a thing – even after you increase the brightness!


Fun Anti-glare Umbrella Phone Holder


Better get your phone an umbrella: this mini umbrella/phone holder shades your phone and allows you to view the screen better while also looking cute and fun! 


Your phone needs an umbrella asap (order one – limited stock)!

Fun Anti-glare Umbrella Phone Holder


It surprises you when you don’t think you need it


Oh, if you’re thinking, “I could just use my phone under my umbrella to see better,” what if you’re walking on the beach or sunbathing? Are you just going to strain your eyes? This mini umbrella will definitely come in handy!


phone sun umbrella13.jpg


You can watch videos without having to hold your phone


This is a sunshade and a holder for your phone, thanks to its powerful suction cup. You can just relax on the beach, pool, or wherever you are outdoors and enjoy some fun videos hands-free!

phone sun umbrella14.jpg


It’s cute, cool, and the right color for the summer!


It comes with different vibrant colors and printed images to suit your good taste!


Fun Anti-glare Umbrella Phone Holder


It lasts the whole summer and beyond!


It’s made of durable silicone material. It won’t slip and won’t break easily so you can still use it many times after. A cute gift for someone special, don’t you think?


phone sun umbrella6.jpg



Material: Cloth, silicone

Colors: As shown

Size: 20cm


phone sun umbrella16.jpg



1 x umbrella phone holder


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Fun Anti-glare Umbrella Phone Holder

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