Electric Fishing Line Knotter


Electric Fishing Line Knotter


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Do you have a problem tying your fishing line? Instead of spending half an hour on that, you can use the Electric Fishing Line Knotter to do it in a minute. 



Order your knotter, make your life less complicated!


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🔸 It helps you avoid spending too much time tying wires down manually.

🔸 It’s simple and can make any threads or wires stronger.


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🔸 It makes fishing easier and more fun!

🔸 It’s compact and portable to easily carry anywhere you go.


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🔸 How to use it:

Step 1: use the wire clip to clamp the front wire disk.

Step 1: use the wire clip to clamp the front wire disk.

Step 2: the front wire head up, stuck into the left slot. Also stuck below.

Step 3: face the mainline of the pe line head up, stuck in the right.

Step 4: lift the wire tray, gently tie the mainline with your right hand, winding it diagonally, then diagonally up.

Step 5: lift the wire tray, with the left hand gently along the mainline, winding diagonally, then diagonally up. Take off the twisted thread.


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Step 6: smooth out the wire head pinch the front wirehead and pe mainline. And use the pe wire head to wrap the two on a single knot.

Step 7: tighten the two ends until the knot position becomes tighter and the color becomes darker(important).

Step 8: cut off the excess front lead.

Step 9: pe line head and mainline hit a single knot fixed, cut the line head.


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Weight: 86g

Batteries: (not included)


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🔸 Package List:

1 x Electric Fishing Line Knotter



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Electric Fishing Line Knotter

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