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Car inflatable bed mattress


Car inflatable bed mattress


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Don’t you sometimes wish you could take your bed and pillows with you on a car ride?! Sleeping in the car can be pretty uncomfortable — what with neck and back pains, etc.



Whether you want to go on a trip or go camping, it looks like it’s possible to have the most relaxing sleep in the passenger seat, and it is all thanks to the Inflatable Travel Mattress. This air inflatable mattress which goes over the passenger seat is super comfortable and suitable for most cars. Plus, if you’re not really a fan of long drives, don’t worry; time will fly so fast because you will sleep like a baby.


Order your own Inflatable Travel Mattress now! 

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Car inflatable bed mattress Air inflatable mattress and pillows with a soft texture, so you will sleep comfortably and say goodbye to body pains!

Car inflatable bed mattress T-support that you can place on the car floor & separator that protects and prevents children from rolling to the driver’s seat.

Car inflatable bed mattress High-quality mattress that can last long, as long as you keep cigarettes or sharp objects away!


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Car inflatable bed mattress Universal size mattress that fits most cars, so your car won’t be left out!

Car inflatable bed mattress Great for all kinds of outdoor activities (travel, camping, surf trips, festival, etc), so you’ll always get to nap comfortably!

Car inflatable bed mattress Portable & easy to inflate and deflate with an air pump and nozzle. You don’t have to worry about packing it when you’re in a hurry!


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Car inflatable bed mattress Easy to install with power plug, cigar lighter, so it will be ready in no time!

Car inflatable bed mattress Repair pit that you can use for emergency repair while on the move and go back to your nap!


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Car inflatable bed mattress Note:  :

After 10 hours of inflation, there is a natural leak which is normal, so make sure to inflate it again.


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Car inflatable bed mattress Specifications :

Material: Flocking Cloth

Size: 85cm*45cm

Color: Black, Gray, blue, beige (7 colors available)

Power: Power Plug Cigar Lighter

Folding Size: 37CM*28CM*12CM(14.6*11*4.7”)

Size Inflation: 135CM*50CM*85CM(53.2*19”)


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Car inflatable bed mattress Package list :

1* Inflatable mattress

2* Inflatable pillows

1* Repair pit

1* Air pump

1* Storage bag



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Car inflatable bed mattress

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