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Bike Seat Cushion 


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Are you constantly cutting your bike rides short because of soreness and uncomfortable seating? This could be detrimental to your fitness goals because it is a known fact that long cycling trips reduce the risk of having heart disease or a stroke!


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With the Bike Seat Cushion you’ll be able to cycle even harder than before with optimal comfort since it has shock absorption, unlike the normal bike seats that don’t protect from the shocks that are felt through the spine! The Bike Seat Cushion is durable, ergonomic, and convenient to use on a daily basis. And with its unique 3D design, you will be able to cycle all day long smoothly and pain-free!

So, stop hurting your back and get the Bike Seat Cushion Today!

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Bike Seat Cushion  The bike seat cushion will provide extreme comfort when you are riding your bike.

Bike Seat Cushion  Soft & ergonomic 3D design for efficient shock absorption to soften the ride.

Bike Seat Cushion  Built-to-last with its cloth and sponge combo, making it practical and durable for prolonged use.


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Bike Seat Cushion  Shock absorption to make riding over potholes, tree branches, and rocks smooth as butter.

Bike Seat Cushion Reduced friction to minimize the chances of soreness, unlike standard bike seats.

Bike Seat Cushion  Breathable & Ergonomic design that is capable of conforming to different hip shapes.


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Bike Seat Cushion  Comfortable, non-slip & pain reliever cushion to ride your bike all day long smoothly.

Bike Seat Cushion  Highlight reflector design for safer cycling rides during the night time.

Bike Seat Cushion  Easy to use & highly compatible with almost all bikes, including mountain bikes, folding bikes, on-road bikes, etc.


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Bike Seat Cushion  Specifications :

Material: Cloth & Sponge

Weight: 1.5oz / 45g

Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 1.3 inches /27 x 18 x 3.5 cm

Colors: Red, Blue, and Black.


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Bike Seat Cushion  Package List :

1* Bike Seat Cushion


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Bike Seat Cushion 

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