6 pcs Carabinier Set


6 pcs Carabinier Set


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So you’re going camping, huh? Do you have what you need to set up your tent or tarp?

For starters, you need something sturdy to secure your rain fly or tarp to a tree, your tent, or rope. Yeah, you need The 6pcs Carabiner Set!


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This durable & practical carabiner is perfect for many outdoor adventures; you can use it for your tent or ropes, and even to hang a lantern on your tent or lock it from the inside.

Stay safe and comfy with The 6pcs Carabiner Set!



6 pcs Carabinier Set Durable & sturdy D type aluminum alloy that will not break and disappoint you!

6 pcs Carabinier Set Waterproof carabiner that won’t wear out anytime soon!




6 pcs Carabinier Set 6 pieces of multifunctional carabiner that have it all; you can hang anywhere from a backpack to a kettle or key ring, and use it for tents, ropes, etc.

6 pcs Carabinier Set Suitable for different kinds of outdoor activities, from camping to mountaineering and more (but not for climbing!).

6 pcs Carabinier Set Stylish & practical, making you look like the professional camper you want to be!




6 pcs Carabinier Set Specifications :

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: silver

Length: 80mm/3.15″

Width: (The widest point):42mm/1.65″




6 pcs Carabinier Set Package list :

6* carabiner set


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6 pcs Carabinier Set

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