4pcs/box Press Portable Bottle Set


4pcs/box Press Portable Bottle Set


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Still not sure how to pack your toiletries for travel? Our 4pcs/box Press Portable Bottle Set is equipped with a buckle-designed storage box, which is light and portable, sealed and leak-proof to carry your toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc., and save storage space. 




Plus, it’s easy to fill, and the press operation, suitable for shampoo, shower gel, lotion and lotion, etc. Order your set, travel light!




Safe Material

Made of high-quality BPA-Free PP, you can use this set to store shampoo, conditioner, face soap, sunscreen, creams, lotion, etc.




Small and Portable

Packed with a unique buckle design storage box, saving space, easy to carry. Take them everywhere you want to go like travelling, business trips, dates, gyms, hotels, etc.


4pcs:box Travel bottle10.jpg


Ergonomic design


Large-calibre design, easy filling, easy to fill emulsion. Cross opening at the exit, pressing operation, just a light press, the liquid can flow out.


4pcs:box Travel bottle3.jpg


Leakproof design


Simple but practical leakproof design, keep your luggage perfectly safe and away from spilling accidents!


4pcs:box Travel bottle4.jpg


Eco-friendly, reusable


The travel bottles are reusable and have no pollution. Excellent as gifts for your families, friends or business partners.


4pcs:box Travel bottle2.jpg



Material: PP

Color: White

Weight: 131G

Sizes: 7.5cm/2.95″(W), Length 12.7cm/5″(L), 6.9cm/2.72″(H)


4pcs:box Travel bottle11.jpg



1 x  4pcs/box Press Portable Bottle Set


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4pcs/box Press Portable Bottle Set

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