3 Digit Code Stroller Bike Lock


3 Digit Code Stroller Bike Lock


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You need a way to keep your belongings safe when you’re not around, but you don’t want to carry around a big, heavy lock or use a lock that anyone can unlock easily?!




The 3 Digit Code Lock is the perfect solution. This small, lightweight lock can be attached to your stroller, bicycle, helmet, backpack, cabinet, or suitcase in seconds and can be set to your own combination code for maximum securitynobody can unlock it but you! Plus, it’s a compact mini size, so you can carry it easily in your bag or pocket.


Order your 3 Digit Code Stroller Bike Lock!

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🔸 3-dial combination lock: You can set your own code, nobody can unlock it, and even if they try, they’ll be caught already!

🔸 High-quality ABS material, strong, safe and durable.


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🔸 Easy to operate and a short time to unlock with your code.

🔸 Suitable for locking your bicycle, baggage, helmet, backpack, cabinet, etc.

🔸 Lovely cow shape design and compact mini size, very cute and convenient to carry.


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Color: Black, Silver (Optional)

Size: 70.5 * 53.8 * 16.5mm/2.8 * 2.1 * 0.6in

Cable Length: 90cm/35.4in

Retractable Length: 80cm/31.5in


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1 * Code Lock


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3 Digit Code Stroller Bike Lock

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